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We receive thousands of inquires about an EU Green Card Lottery every month. By this statement we want to confirm that there is currently NO EU Green Card Lottery. The United States has a “Green Card Lottery, officially called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. The purpose of the U.S. DV Lottery is to make visas available to countries with low immigration to the United States.

The proposed EU greencard lottery is related to shortage of skilled workers. Other countries like Canada and the United States are able to attract highly skilled workers through different visa programs, but the EU is not. The proposed EU green card lottery is also a step towards preventing illegal immigration.

It is a fact that the EU population is declining, hence there will be a shortage of workers in the future. The question is how the European Commission will deal with this. A suggestion is that different countries choose how many “positions” they will include in the EU lottery pot of jobs available. Each country would have to choose whether to opt in or not.

Email if you wish to be given notice when more information is available.

Société Réaliste

Artiste suivant fleche_suivant_fiche.gif

Collectif créé en 2004, composé de :
Ferenc Gróf,
né en 1972 à Pécs, Hongrie.
Jean-Baptiste Naudy,
né en 1982 à Paris, France.
Vivent et travaillent à Paris

Société Réaliste est une coopérative artistique créée en juin 2004 par Ferenc Gróf et Jean-Baptiste Naudy. Pluridisciplinaire, Société Réaliste développe des projets liés au design politique, à l’économie expérimentale, à l’ergonomie territoriale et au conseil en ingénierie sociale. Expositions, publications et conférences deviennent ainsi le lieu d’une critique du monde de l’art, de l’économie et de la consommation à partir de pastiches d’entreprises et de détournements ironiques.


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